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 Lamancha’s are what brings a sparkle of our youngest son, Nick’s eyes! Lamancha’s can be of any color, but are unique in that they have very small ears, called gopher or elf ears.  Many a car has stopped by our pasture to as what happened to their ears.!  Lamancha’s are the only true American Breed of dairy goats.  They have tremendous milk capacity for their size and outgoing, spontaneous personalities that win you over the moment you meet them.



Lamancha Senior Does

First place Dairy Herd at 2010 District 3 Lamancha Specialty

First place Dairy Herd at 2012 South Florida Fair

GCH Sand Rock Elegant Revenge 1*M

CH Listening-Eagle Betty-Jo

Wee-Ones Piliki Nua Waha 1*M

CH Listening Eagle Edie Pop

GCH Glen-Mythos Brynhildr 15*M

The Mullins Tootsie Pop

The Mullins Betty Sue


Lamancha Junior Does

Our Godson Michael and Betty Boop showing in the PeeWee Class at Clay County!

Mullins' Croft Betty Boop

Mullins' Croft Kalua & Cream

Mullins' Croft IP BonBon

Mullins' Croft IP Cream Puff


Lamancha Bucks


Mullins' Croft Wicked Revenge

Mullins' Croft Achillies

The Mullins' Cadwagawn Calewich - FOR SALE $300







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